Applying for Green Card & Citizenship

Applying for your Green Card or United States Citizenship can be a difficult process if you do not follow the proper steps and procedures. The country you are from, criminal background,  marital  status, how you answer questions at the interview, and  ability to show you have financial support when you enter the country are just a few of the possible hurdles which can determine whether your application is approved or denied. At the Delgado Law Group our attorneys and staff will walk you through the entire process form beginning to end.

Preparing Employment & Investor Visas

 Are you an Employee looking to work in the United States? Or are you an Employer seeking to add hospitality staff, web designers, professional athletes, doctors, or nurses? Or are you an Entrepreneur from another country trying to start-up your own business in the United States, and need help with preparing a business plan, creating a regional center, or applying for a visa?  If you answered "yes" to any of the questions, the attorneys at the Delgado Law Group have experience in assisting clients find the right employment or investor visa which is right for you. 

Deportation & Asylum Hearing Representation

Have you or a family member recently been detained by ICE or have a hearing coming up for deportation? The owner and found of the Delgado Law group, Jacqueline Delgado, prides herself on the firm's representation for aggressively defending the rights of her clients facing deportation or in need of asylum here in the United States. If you know someone who is in custody and is seeking a bond, have a hearing scheduled for deportation, or feel that you were given poor advice to accept a plea offer, call today to schedule a free consultation.