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Have Questions About Deportation Defense?

When it comes to deportation defense, you can count on Attorney Jacqueline Delgado and her team at Delgado Law Group to fight for you and your family. They're passionate about making sure their clients get the very best deportation defense in South Florida.

Immigrants who have lived in the United States for many years are detained every day: through traffic stops, arrests, at work, and even at home, and they need qualified experts to provide sound deportation defense to protect their rights. Whether your loved one has been placed in an immigration detention center and needs bond, or has received a notice to appear before the Immigration Court, West Palm Beach immigration attorney Jacqueline Delgado and her team are prepared to fight your case and defend you or your loved one against deportation.

The prospect of deportation is daunting.  It tears apart families. U.S. citizen children are often forced to move to their parents' home countries.  Sometimes, even spouses born in the United States or living here legally must move in order to keep their families together. Economic opportunities are lost, along with hopes and dreams for a better life.  An attorney experienced in providing timely deportation defense is your best bet to ensure that your rights are preserved.

Attorney Jacqueline Delgado of West Palm Beach has defended multiple deportation cases. Her experience, knowledge, and drive to keep families together through zealous deportation defense has led clients to send their friends to her in their time of need.  Her growing team at Delgado Law Group is focused on “Keeping Families Together” and building stronger communities with diversity and compassion.

If a family member has been detained by immigration or customs officials and you need help to find your loved one, please contact our office and request a consultation.  Don't wait to defend your right to pursue the American Dream. Se habla espanol. Nous parlons française.  Nos falamos.

Deportation Defense & Detention FAQ's

Who Can Be Deported?

Any person who is not a citizen of the United States may be deported.  For example, people on tourist, student or business VISAs, refugees and asylees, Green Card holders, and Lawful Permanent Residents and individuals who have been granted Temporary Permanent Status (TPS) all may be deported.

If I was Previously Deported, am I Able to Return to the United States?

There are options if you are seeking to return to the United States after being previously deported.  Depending upon your circumstances, you may be eligible to apply for re-admission.  These cases can be complicated and you should have legal representation to assist you.

Can I Appeal a Deportation or Removal Order?

Yes.  You have 30 days to appeal a Removal Order or Order of Deportation to the Board of Immigration (BIA).  If the BIA does not decide in your favor, you may have an option to appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals.  If the Court of Appeals does not provide relief, your attorney may recommend that you present your case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Can I Contact My Detained Family Member?

If your loved one has been detained at the Miami Field Office (Broward Transitional Center), they cannot receive incoming phone calls.  You may reach them through a messaging system and will need their biographical information and alien registration number if available.  The number is 954-973-4485.

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